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1: Nigerian Dwarf Goats Registered (Posted: 8/18/2021)

Posted by: lauren lasley
Gainesville   VA
We have several kidding through out the year. Tri-coloreds, moonspots,solids, blue eyes, polled, disbudded, fantastic milking lines all of it! PM f... more
Price $1.00


2: White Broad Breasted Turkeys For Sale~ Egg Layers & Meat ORGANIC (Posted: 7/28/2021)

Posted by: Allison Tripp Foley
The Plains   VA
Organically raised free range white broad breasted turkeys for sale. The girls are laying delicious large eggs. If you're a chicken lover and love the... more
Price $30.00


3: **Alpine Goat Kids For Sale** (Posted: 7/9/2021)

Posted by: Sarah Wehri
Great Falls   VA
Alpine goat kids from 2021 season for sale. See below for details of each kid.

$275 each. Firm.

They have been raised around horses and would make nice horse companions.

All are very friendly, dam raised, human handled daily, good with ... more
Price $275.00


4: DUCKS- BUY ONE GET 10 FREE (Posted: 5/31/2021)

Posted by: Lauren SPECK
Marshall   VA
great egg laying ducks. Males, females, ducklings. Multicolored mutt ducks. Pekin/mallard crosses ... more
Price $10.00


5: **Alpine Goat Kids For Sale** (Posted: 4/7/2021)

Posted by: Sarah Wehri
Great Falls   VA
**2021 goat kids for sale. **

*All are disbudded*

*Please refer to information on photos for pricing, gender, DOB*

*two kiko/alpine bucklings are available and noted on photos. *

*ADGA registration available for 2 of kids and is noted ... more


6: Always wanted a milk goat? (Posted: 3/17/2021)

Posted by: Robin Eastham
North Garden   VA
Or maybe you need that wonderful milk because you have an orphan foal/sheep/pup. Nothing healthier than fresh goat milk! It seems I have too many (see photo) so I am willing to sell not only some really nice doelings but also several of my does complete with kids.CAE tested ... more

Showing records 1 - 6 of 6
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