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NOVA Professional (full time employee to large company and B level pony club graduate) seeks living arrangement

Date Added: 5/25/2020
Posted By: Demmi Hersh
Portsmouth,   VA  
Phone: 7577394675

I am a working professional moving back to the NOVA area and I am looking for a 1 bedroom + 1 bath cottage, barn apartment, basement, shared house, etc.

I would prefer to be able to have my horse on property (additional fee of course). I do have a well trained dog (references from trainers available) who is hypoallergenic.

Ideally I would prefer a barn apartment that i can help offset board by mucking stalls, doing water, hay and night checks in the eventing. (Owner would need to be okay with me doing barn chores after 5pm as I have my regular job) I am a B level graduate and can provide several references for barn management and horse care as well.

Preference given to higher speed internet capabilities.