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Equine Somatic Experiencing

Date Added: 4/5/2022
Posted By: Caitlin Robb
Crozet,   VA  
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Phone: 8283184841

Horses communicate with one another through a somatic, or body-based language, of subtle energy directed at the other ( herd mate or human), followed by micro-movement and then animated movement. Keen awareness of their body, physical and emotional balance, and surrounding beings, is how they feel safe.
This pure embodiment the horse exists within opens a beautiful space for us, as humans interacting with them, to step into and learn to be present in our own bodies. Being present within your body is the root of somatic practices, mindfulness and meditation. Because this is the horse's natural language and they are so deeply sensitive, they offer immediate biofeedback to us. They implore us to become deeply present in order to communicate with them on the most subtle level. This communication is breathtaking, deeply healing and just plain fun! It becomes a dance of two souls.

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