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Courtney's Pet and Equine Services, LLC

Date Added: 4/26/2022
Posted By: Courtney Hyjek
742 Cherry Tree Lane    [ MAP ]
Warrenton,   VA  
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I have over 18 years of experience caring and handling variety types of animals of various ages. My specialty are equines, dogs, and cats but I do take on chickens and exotic small pets. I currently have myself two warmbloods, a young service dog German Shepherd and a senior Goldendoodle. I provide a variety of animal care services for your furry loved ones. All the available services you can find on my website. Rates and reviews are also on there.

For Pet and Equine Care services, I travel up to 25 minutes from my home base in Warrenton, VA.

BEMER PEMF therapy sessions and Equine Body Clipping services I travel up to 30-35minutes

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