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Ancora Stables - Saddlebreds   [ MAP ]
5657 Buck Creek Road
Finchville,KY 40022
Contact Person: Samantha
Phone: 502-321-2644

Ancora Stables is a company that focuses on family, fun and dedication to both the horse and rider. We believe that a positive environment is the key to success. At Ancora Stables, we define success as inspiring a person to achieve their ultimate goal whether it be winning at the top shows, breeding the next champion, or conquering a fear and fulfilling a lifetime dream of having horses in your life. We strive to give back to the community and industry by donating services and promoting the joy of horses in a fun and safe way.

The staff at Ancora Stables believes that continuing education is vital to not only our riders, but ourselves. We feel our dedication for self achievement is handed down to our clients, and our pride shows in our positive results. The biggest compliments our clients can give us are a referral and return business.

At Ancora, we work hand in hand with top veterinary experts to develop a program that best suits your mare, to protect the investment you have made. We provide individual lights and timer for every stall to allow individual cycle assistance for optimizing the breeding year. We will also work with other stud farms to schedule and arrange pick up of semen services. We run the latest record keeping programs to ensure that your mare and foal never misses their important vaccinations, deworming, or farrier visits.

Here at Ancora Stables, our staff works 24/7 to protect you and your horse. No mare is foaled with out use of our Foal Alert System, so no mare is foaled with out our presence in case she is in need of assistance. We also have our top veterinarians on call and only minutes away for anything your mare or foal should need. We strive to have a developed feeding program that is vital to the optimum growth of your foal from conception on up into adulthood.